by Schwimmschule Prasler

In the first two weeks of the summer holidays (01.07. - 11.07.19) we offer an intensive course (daily swimming lessons Mon-Sat) in Falkenstein:

- Beginner course at 17.00 in Falkenstein * (* Prerequisite is a course preparation class)

- Progressed beginner + Bronze classs at 18.00 clock .

There are only a few places left !!!

One course includes 10 lessons a 45 min. The group size is 10 participants with two swimming instructors.

The swimming lessons take place without a companion. The children will be welcomed at the changing room by the teaching staff of H2O swimming school Prasler. During the swimming course, parents are welcome to follow the swimming course from outside or use the cafeteria. To ensure optimal care, only students and teaching staff are in the pool. After the end of the swimming course, the children will be escorted back to the changing rooms and handed over to the parents.

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