Private swimming lessons for children and adults
in your own pool at home!

One of our special offers is private swimming lessons at your own home. If you possess a proper swimming facility – anything bigger than a bathtub will do – then you can learn how to swim without leaving the house.

  • All required swimming accessories will be provided by us
  • Individual training (45 minutes)
  • Simply make an appointment with us

This is our special bonus: private swimming lessons at home. If your home has a proper pool, bigger than a bathtub, we can visit you for the swimming course. You don’t even have to leave the house or pack heavy bags for a swimming lesson elsewhere. Especially for younger kids, it is much easier to experience the wet element in a familiar

environment and do their first laps at home. This is also much safer for the child– after all, its home is close to the pool. We actively work with the surrounding to offer the best experience and learning progress. The lesson duration is 45 minutes and the goal is to give all the little students a wonderful start into the world of swimming.