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Swimming courses for adults

Experiencing water: swimming courses for adults

Regardless of age, we all wish to maintain and increase our vitality and fitness. Our swimming courses for adults can help you feel better and increase your overall well-being and health.

Swimming is a full-body workout. It is a well-established fact that back muscles in particular are strengthened through exercises in water. This is particularly important for people with office jobs, which are usually performed in a seated position all throughout the day. In order to prevent back pain and injury, swim training is often recommended. On top of this, regular swimming helps to enhance your overall fitness and endurance. You will no longer run out of breath when going for a walk or taking the stairs. Swimming may even help to improve your confidence and body awareness. If this all sounds good, then our swimming courses for adults are exactly the right thing for you. Whether you are preparing for a competition, want to work towards a German swimming badge or increase your physical fitness, we will help you to set and then achieve those goals together. We will focus on technique in particular.

Learn and improve your:

  • Positioning in water

  • Arm and leg movement

  • Breathing technique

  • Turns, such as the flip turn

  • Starting technique

  • Coordination in all four swimming styles

Swimming lessons include:

10 units of 45 minutes each with a maximum of 10 participants.
The advantages:

  • Swimming training in dynamic groups that is individually adapted to your needs

  • Introduction and repetition of the basic rules and the four types of swimming
  • Help with increasing fitness

Health and injury prevention are not the only reasons why regular swimming lessons might be of interest to you. Some people want to lose weight in a natural fashion, while others are driven by an ambition for sports and competition. Whether you are looking to achieve a specific goal in sports or whether you consider swimming as an integral part in a fitness regimen, we offer the appropriate swimming course for adults.

Swimming lessons include:

10 units with 45 minutes each, with a maximum of 11 participants and well-trained and educated swimming instructors.

Your advantages with us:

  • The swim training is individually adapted to you in dynamic groups

  • Introduction and repetition of the basic rules and the four swimming styles

  • We will help you improve your fitness

Our swimming courses for adults are taught by competent, trained instructors with many years of experience. This way, you are sure to get the best education from professionals – not some prefabricated scheme, but goals built together by both parties, and then achieved through our swimming lessons. Adapted to your personal level of fitness and existing performance capabilities we are here to help you attain the goals you are aspiring to reach. Some people just want to do sports to balance out the time at the office and in order to maintain their health, while others may aim at higher goals, such as competitions or claiming a German swimming badge. Others consider detailed and competently taught swimming lessons as an entry opportunity into a career where swimming is the basic prerequisite. For any and all areas and questions regarding these things, we offer support and advice.

The courses are also suitable for those who are not yet able to swim. The adult swimming training will help you overcome your fear of water, which has probably existed for decades, and teaches you how to keep your head above water even in troublesome situations. In addition to these basic techniques, you will be gently introduced to the various swimming styles and diving. At the next picnic at the lake, you will not have to sit on the grass anymore, but be able to take a refreshing swim in the lake at any time. We are able to adjust to any level of skill and help you achieve your swimming goals – whether improving your overall ability or working towards progress in sports or fitness.