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Intensive swimming course

Improve your swimming skills quickly with our intensive swimming course

Swimming is one of the most fundamental and useful activities in human culture; but in order to acquire or improve it, time intensive lessons are usually required. When time is scarce, our intensive swimming course can help you to still find time for it and you can devote yourself entirely to improving your swimming skills.

Our intensive swimming course or crash course is suitable for all age classes. Usually, swimming is learned at a young age, often as a preparation for swimming lessons at school. Swimming is a fundamental skill in our culture. From making sure your child is safe when it gets into the water, to the joy of all the social activities taking place in and around a swimming pool, bathing lake or river, swimming is essential. Water can be a treacherous element and it is a good idea to be able to move about in it, both on the surface as well as diving beneath it. For this, we offer our intensive swimming course.

The course preparation session is limited to a maximum of 6 participants, who are supervised by 2 swimming instructors.

The cost of this course preparation session is € 55 per participant.

The lessons include:

  • Coordination Test

  • Water acclimatization test

  • Psychomotricity test depending on the age of the child

  • Swimming lessons

Evaluation of the data and information to the parents: After the course preparation session, you will receive a detailed description of your child’s performance as well as a recommendation for a fitting swimming crash course.

The advantages:

  • Learn how to swim quickly and efficiently

  • Move about safely in water

  • Be prepared for swimming lessons at school and for badges

As you can see, we will systematically start with the basics to address your child individually and personally. Important psychometric characteristics are observed and assessed so that we can adjust the focus of the lessons precisely. It is essential, of course, to gain the ability to keep your head above water. Only this allows proper breathing. In the “natural” posture, the face would be in the water. Children often do not have the necessary neck muscles yet. This risks the body then being oriented perpendicular to the water surface – the child “stands” in the water. Through special training, this small obstacle can be successfully overcome. This is, of course, taught along with the right breathing technique, so that panic inducing situations are avoided. The knowledge of optimal behavior in all situations allows the child to bring him- or herself up to the surface without swallowing water even if the child would happen to fall into water all of a sudden.

Even more important is getting used to being in water and testing and finding out how well a child orients and navigates in it. The initial fear of water is quite natural, and the reduction of gravity may lead to initial confusion. For this purpose, we teach special techniques and methods to the children, in order to be able to deal quickly and safely with both common and unusual situations in the water.

Based on these findings, tests and exercises, we can give you an overview on the child’s performance. Safety always comes first. Often, some children need to be helped and encouraged while others must be slowed down a little. Too much enthusiasm at the beginning can have negative effects, too, so we focus on calm swimming behavior in and around the water.