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Back pain prevention course

Strengthen your back with our pain prevention course

Does your back hurt after work? Do you suffer from back pain? Often, this is due to strain and a lack of training – our back pain prevention course can help you get better and feel better again

We offer a dorsal exercise program for back pain prevention as a course to give those that suffer from it relief. Modern times brought less physically challenging and higher-qualified jobs. Most of the time this means working in an office, sitting straight for hours and remaining relatively motionless for many hours at a time. The human body is not made for this. Muscle strain, joint pain and even damage to the spine are common. Balancing this out with the help of exercise can help to improve your health and wellbeing. This is exactly what we strive to achieve with our dorsal exercise program. Along with a swimming lesson or other sports, the dorsal back pain prevention course assists you with exercises that strengthen the extensor muscles of the lower back. These are in the area of the back often most affected by our way of life. We all get too little movement. We sit or stand all day and often do too little exercise. Meanwhile swimming is known as a “full-body” exercise for a reason, working out all muscles of the body at the same time. Our lessons take place on dry land, giving quick everyday exercises that can be practiced in little time almost anywhere. With a maximum of 10 participants per course, special attendance by the teacher can be given to each student. With this and a special approach regarding all the individual factors and difficulties of each student.


  • Heightened fitness and back strength for office workers

  • Pain relief through training and posture

  • Easy-to-do exercises that fit in your daily time cycle

Swimming lessons include:

  • Easy and efficient lessons to strengthen your back

  • Sports to balance the stress for your back

  • Maximum ten participants per course

Our aim is to help prevent back pain before it even appears, strengthen the dorsal muscles, and reduce already occurring pain.

Although the back is a complex system, home of the spine and a variety of complex muscle groups, most problems simply occur due to our way of life. The reduction of physical work and the requirements of office work putting us in the same position for several hours diminish and strain the involved muscle groups in an imbalanced way. Should we encounter severe problems with the spine, however, these will be handed over to a doctor.

We cannot give medical advice, nor can we “heal” serious injuries. But before this even happens to you, a lot can be done. With an additional swimming course, you can strengthen the relevant muscle groups, because all swimming styles require constant movement and bending of the back. A large part of the power that propels you forward in the water comes from these movements. The easy-to-do exercises also help to give relief to your back by building up your core and helping to counterbalance your posture while you are working at the office. Be nice to your back – not only in the swimming pool, but in everyday life.