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Swimming course for the advanced

Shark (Bronze) – Silver – Gold

Swimming course for the advanced

We all start as beginners, but as we gain experience we often yearn for more. Our swimming course for the advanced improves existing techniques and provides new ones.

One key topic in our swimming course for advanced students is crawl swimming. Crawl is one of the easier swimming styles. Once perfected, this style of swimming is a very powerful technique to be mastered! Our swimming course for advanced students is mainly aimed at children who want to be more proficient in their swim style. We help to train towards the German Youth Badge in silver and gold. We provide all of the required framework regarding style, technique and skills (see below for more). Through a variety of different endurance games and jump variations the children learn new skills and gain even more safety in the water.

The swimming course includes 10 units with 45 minutes each, max. 12 children and is held by two professional swimming instructors.

* In Königstein and Bad Homburg, the advanced swimming course (german youth badge in silver, gold and “shark”) includes 10 units of 45 minutes each with max. 6 children, and a competent swimming instructor.

The advantages:

  • Existing knowledge is deepened, new skills are built up

  • Increased endurance

  • Training for the badges

Learning and practicing techniques such as crawl swimming are the focus of the course. We pick up where the beginner’s course left off and continue to carry on in an organic way, under the general goal of being not only safe, but also active in the pool. The lessons now are no longer about holding your head above water, but about sport-oriented performance swimming, just like in swimming in sports at school. Therefore, our advanced swimming lessons are also a good preparation for school swimming. In addition to the four swimming styles, which are practiced in an improved and more detailed form, diving techniques, movements in and under water as well as various starting techniques play a role now. Main focus is the so-called swimming performance, such as swimming a certain number of laps in a certain period of time.

The swimming course for advanced students helps to prepare for attaining the German Youth Badges.

Since so much diverse content for the gold badge has to be practiced and trained, at least 3 courses of 10 hours are required. The schedule of the course has five main topics, which are specifically trained within the 3 courses:
  1. Learn the crawl-leg movement
    Forward movement by paddle-like foot movements
  2. Supine swimming
    With supine swimming and reversing the motions, the rescue of incapacitated swimmers is made possible
  3. Crawl swimming
    The fast and efficient crawl swim is the basis for many sports competitions
  4. Breaststroke (technique improvement)
    Details in the movement process during breaststroke are trained and refined
  5. Start & Turn
    In sporting events, every second counts – proper starting and turning when reaching the end of a lane can offer a decisive advantage here

German Youth Badge Silver

Starting with the already learned swimming style breaststroke, the backstroke with frog legs is now to be learned to reach the next swimming badge – the youth swimming badge silver.

  • Two dives for two meters depth
  • Leap from a height of 3 m
  • 10 m distance diving
German Youth Badge Gold

600 m swimming in a maximum of 24 minutes

  • 50 m breaststroke in a maximum of 1:10 minutes
  • 25 m front crawl
  • 15 m diving
  • Leap from a height of 3 m
  • Transport swimming
  • 50 m back swimming

German swimming badge

You can gain the german swimming badge with us – this badge is available in three grades: bronze or “shark”, silver, and gold.
German swimming badge bronze (“shark”)
  • 50 m breaststroke under 1:00 min
  • 50 m backstroke under 1:00 min
  • 50 m crawl swimming under 0:50 min
  • Header from 3 m height or somersault forwards from 1 m height
  • 25 m dribbling
German swimming badge silver
  • 100 m crawl swimming under 1:40 min
  • 100 m breaststroke under 1:55 min
  • 100 m backstroke under 1:50 min
  • 100 m medley
  • 400 m freestyle under 10min
  • Header from 3 m height and somersault forwards from 1 m height
  • 25 m dribbling under25 sec
German swimming badge gold
  • 100 m breaststroke: males under 1:35 min/ females under 1:45 min
  • 100 m crawl swimming: males under 1:20 min/ females under 1:30 min
  • 100 m backstroke: males under 1:35 min/ females under 1:45 min
  • 50 m dolphin style: males 45 sec/ females 45 sec
  • Header from 3 m height and somersault forwards from 1 m height
  • 50 m dribbling under 1 min
  • 400 m freestyle: males under 7:00 min/ females under 8:00 min