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H2O Schwimmschule Prasler

Well prepared for the swimming pool – in the area of Frankfurt and Wiesbaden, we offer swimming courses for beginners and the advanced

The advantages
  • Unified 10-hour-concept for group courses
  • Small groups
  • Fine-tuned swimming lessons tuned to the level of the student
  • For fitness, achievement and security in the water
  • Highly qualified teachers guide the students on the highest level of competence
  • Personal care
Learn to swim

Swimming courses for children and adults

Feel confident in the swimming pool – whether in Frankfurt, Wiesbaden or Bad Homburg. With our courses you can safely experience the wet element and keep your head above the waterline at all times; suited for children and adults, we teach everyone swimming near Frankfurt.

Our courses

The H2O swimming school Prasler offers extensive pool courses for children, teenagers and adults. The H2O swimming school Prasler prides itself in offering more than just conventional fitness facilities and aims to provide a wide variety of activities and programs to its visitors. We see ourselves as always going one step further and perpetually developing our service with the latest methods and the highest service level. Your well-being and providing you with the joy of water is always our priority.

So if your children want to learn how to swim in the swimming pool and you live in the area of Frankfurt and Wiesbaden, for instance in Bad Homburg, Königstein, Falkenstein or directly near us in Hofheim, then we are happy to offer you this important life skill in a friendly and competent environment. Our colleagues in customer service are happy for your call from monday to friday 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

As a special for our youngest guests and as a preparation for proper swimming lessons, we offer a prep swimming course for ages 4 years and older, so that your child near Frankfurt is already well on their way to earning their swimmer badge in the future. For more experienced swimmers, we offer advanced swimming courses and lessons for children, teens and adults, in which you can learn the front crawl and other techniques. On top of this you can also take preparation courses for various swimming badges.


Bad Homburg
Learn to swim– this is our course offering:

  • Swimming for all ages and at every experience level

  • Preparation for the german badge „Seepferdchen“ (self-rescue)

  • Preparation für the german badges youth swimming badge „Jugendschwimmabzeichen“ in bronze, silver and gold

  • Preparation for the German pro swimming badge „Leistungsschwimmerabzeichen“ in bronze, silver, gold

  • Practice in all four main swimming styles

  • Practice proper diving and jumping

Do you or your child want to learn to swim or consolidate and expand your skills?

Then you’ve come to the right place – get in touch now. We look forward to seeing you!

Our swimming school offers teaching on all skill levels in and around the swimming pool

In order to be able to cover all areas as a swimming school for training and to acquire a swimming badge in the entire region from Frankfurt to Wiesbaden, we offer a variety of different courses. The swimming course for children, as well as the swimming lessons for children, are carried out with swimming learning aids in the water. We also offer suitable swimming lessons for older people. Adults can enroll in age-appropriate courses in our swimming school in Hofheim, north of Frankfurt, close to Königstein and Bad Homburg. We are also available for private lessons in and around Königstein at your own home – if a swimming pool is available. Another option is a special back pain prevention course, in which we focus on the development of back muscles in particular.

The right swimming course for you in Frankfurt

Our H2O courses enable you to fully participate in any swimming pool in the area of Frankfurt and Wiesbaden and, of course, Bad Homburg, Königstein, Falkenstein and Hofheim. It is never too early – or too late, by the way – to start with swimming lessons for children and adults – just think of all the fun you will have! That is why we offer an intensive swimming course to all those who want to learn to swim, or an opportunity to prepare children with our swimming course for ages 4 years and older in two places in Frankfurt. For the more experienced, we can help you to further improve your skills: if you would like to learn how to swim or train for the appropriate sports badge, then we would be happy to advise you in the Frankfurt area. If you do not have a lot of spare time to take courses and lessons, our intensive swimming course might be better suited for you.

Special swimming lessons for children

Practice makes perfect, and with the appropriate swimming aids, swimming for kids in the Frankfurt area is both an easy and safe way for children to enjoy their time in the pool. We help kids to get used to being in the pool and with a lot of playful learning, they quickly pick up all the basic abilities, which in turn ensures their success at our swimming school in Wiesbaden to Frankfurt, in Bad Homburg, Königstein and at our site in Hofheim. Of course, we also offer swimming classes for adults. As is the case of swimming lessons with learning aids for children, the swimming lessons for adults can also be given as individual swimming training in the region of Frankfurt – assuming there are appropriate capacities present at your home.

Our swimming lessons are great for everyone – from children to adults

We do have areas of focus, but we never would exclude anyone. We offer both swimming courses for ages 4 years and older and classes for the more advanced, as well as also offering swimming lessons for adults. We believe that any person at any age should be able to learn how to swim and spend some time with us from H2O at the swimming pool for a course, whether in Wiesbaden, Frankfurt, Königstein, Bad Homburg or, of course, Hofheim. No matter whether you want to learn how to swim or just go for a lap around the pool, we are happy to have you, both in Frankfurt as well as the surrounding area. Whether you want to improve your skills or your children’s in swimming in the region around Frankfurt, you will always have our full attention and experience at your service.

Swimming training aids help beginners to get started

Especially during the swimming lessons for children it is important that the young students from the region of Frankfurt lose their fear of the water and playfully, yet steadily, learn how to move around in it. This is aided by the use of swimming training aids, which we use in our swim lessons, patiently and with skill in the area of Frankfurt. As a swimming school, we also offer individual lessons in swimming from Frankfurt to Wiesbaden, in Bad Homburg, Königstein, Falkenstein and, of course, Hofheim. From the first steps towards swimming to the fully fledged training to acquire a swimming badge, we have the right course right here for you.

Schwimmschule Prasler

what we offer you

Preparing for the “Seepferdchen” (self-rescue)
Preparation for the German swimming badge bronze, silver and gold
Preparation for the German competitive swimmer badge in bronze, silver and gold
Learn all four types of swimming
Swimming for all ages and all levels of ability
Diving and jumping